Welcome to Max Biewer‘s House!

We are glad to see you on our website, which, in the first place, is dedicated to my friends, and to all other lovers of this extraordinary, but still underrepresented in Russia breed - Biewer Yorkie. On our website pages you will meet our Biewer Yorkies, you will learn about the breed’s history and standard, you will find information about grooming and maintenance, and who knows, maybe here you’ll find your future beloved pet.

We are glad to see you in Maxbiewershouse.comWe are our big and united family, who once met the Biewer Yorkie breed by chance, and, after having dived into this world of love and kindness, we couldn’t stay unaffected and walk past these little dogs with big personality and serious character!

Our Biewer Yorkies are the centre of our family. We do not simply call our dogs our family members, we actually mean it. We all live under the same roof, and the love for our dogs is what unites us all.

None of these little adorable whirlwinds resembles the other one due to their white spots providing each newborn puppy with unique appearance and making every one of them one-of-a-kind.

Although Biewer Yorkies are quite tiny little cuties, they have self-confidence, dignity and character of a big dog.

I wish you a pleasant journey through our website pages!

Yours sincerely,
Olga Kraynikova