Congratulations! You’ve got a Biewer Yorkie puppy!

Biewer Yorkie puppyI’m writing for those, who are pressing a little warm fur ball to their breast, who have just left the breeder’s place after buying their “kilogram of happiness”, and going home considering all possible variants of their further coexistence! There are plenty of questions: what is to be done for the little fellow, what should you feed it, how should you wash it, what is to be purchased, what is to be changed in your life? All in all, there is one big question: “How to live further?”

The main thing is not to panic. Your little Biewer Yorkie is also scared just like you are at the moment, where and why is he being carried away, he is so used to his bowl, his toys, his soft sleeping mat, he has left his friends there, and now how is HE supposed to “Live further”?

It is desirable to prepare your place for a new family member a little in advance. Consider where it is better to choose a spot for the puppy, which has to be light, comfortable, not in the aisle and not in a draught. Sometimes a Biewer Yorkie chooses his spot by himself; he would circle a little about the house and settle somewhere. If you agree with him, so be it, let him have this portion of space.

Think where it is best to place a litter-box, it can be in your WC, balcony, and sometimes in the beginning it can be placed near the puppy’s sleeping mat. The important thing is to have a lot of napkins, but eventually, when the puppy gets accustomed to using them, the number of napkins can be reduced. It is difficult to demand from the little Biewer Yorkie to remember at once where his toilet is.

Biewer Yorkie puppy

That’s why it would be the right decision to remove your carpets. You won’t have to throw them away in the future, and they are absolutely not suitable for dogs with long fur.    

If your Biewer Yorkie is too active and mobile, I would advise you to buy an enclosure. In my house an enclosure appeared only with our third puppy. The first two dogs used to live, so to speak, “on the loose”. However the little Mila couldn’t be left alone for one minute: even my short absence in the shower used to turn out badly either for me (she started eating my furniture, clothes, even the walls), or for her (which is very harmful for a puppy).

Here is some brief but essential advice:

  • Keep all household detergents and chemicals out of reach of the puppy.
  • Restrict access of your Biewer Yorkie to such dangerous for dogs plants as poinsettia, azalea, rhododendron, tuftroot, Japanese yew etc.
  • Keep fragile things out of reach of your Biewer Yorkie.
  • Hide or cover electrical wiring.
  • Don’t keep children's toys on the floor, because your Biewer Yorkie may swallow small parts.
  • If you have a pool or an oven which hits up too much – make sure you use a screen or fencing.

Your principal “must-buy” list:

1.   A pet carrier for home and travelling
2.   A sleeping mat
3.   Toys
4.   Complete and balanced food
5.   Delicacies
6.   A bowl for food and for water (or a special drinking-bowl)
7.   A litter-box and napkins
8.   A collar and leash
9.   An enclosure
10.  A grooming kit (combs, shampoos, hair binders for ponytails, scissors to cut off binders etc.)