Biro Yorkshire Terrier

Biro Yorkshire terrier is a Biewer of extraordinary chocolate colour. An interesting combination of dark chocolate colour on a white background and addition of golden colour on the head makes a Biro Yorkshire terrier dog a highly attractive and exclusive phenomenon!

Biro Yorkshire terrier is a small compact terrier with long thick fur, and the dog’s appearance (except for the colour) must be identical to the appearance of a Yorkshire terrier!

Biro Yorkshire terrier is a dog with a gorgeous exterior and a stable mind.

Biro Yorkshire terrier is endowed with exceptional charm, extraordinary sensibility and charisma! The Biro’s noble chocolate-white-golden pattern and magnificent straight fur make the dog noticeable and attractive.

Thanks to their open and friendly temper Biro Yorkshire terrier will become a faithful companion for his owner and, at the same time, a lively playmate for children.

Extraordinary patience of Biro Yorkshire terriers makes it possible for them to replace dolls for growing up girls, who will enjoy braiding the dog’s hair and adorning it with bows and binders on this remarkably calm and patient dog’s head.

A Biro Yorkshire terrier’s simple character and smooth temper make it possible to keep the dog as a single pet in a family as well as in a pack with other dogs.

Owners of Biro Yorkshire terriers usually note that their dogs have a tenderer and calmer temper, and a more amusing and curious character. Although, you realize, that it is still subjective opinion.

Today the Biro Yorkshire terrier breed is quite small-numbered and it is one of the youngest breeds not only in Russia, but all over the world. Nevertheless Biro Yorkshire terriers already have their admirers and true connoisseurs.