Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Biewer Yorkshire TerrierOne can talk about Biewers endlessly…Biewers are my life style! They are my friends! A dog with gorgeous exterior, stable mind and a curious character! Although Biewer Yorkies are quite cute and little, they have intellect, self-confidence, dignity, and character of a big dog.

Biewer Yorkies are a perfect breed for keeping and breeding in the modern dynamically developing world. A Biewer Yorkie is always by your side, he is always cheerful and ready to follow his master. If you are sitting on the sofa with your laptop, just as I’m right now, your Biewer will surely push his little snout under your hand – he wants attention.

Do you like travelling? A Biewer Yorkie is a tireless companion who will take part in long walks with great pleasure. A Biewer Yorkie will never cause you trouble on a plane or on a train. Possessing stable character a Biewer Yorkie will never fail you with his behavior on a visit or ruin your schedule. A Biewer Yorkie will always adjust himself to any situation. If you are taking a nap or watching TV he would certainly hang around and keep you company. And should it so happen that you fall ill – he would lie by your side for hours, like a cat – and make your fever go away.

Childlike and sociable – a Biewer Yorkie will win you over from the very first moment of meeting him. “Better than a Biewer can be only two Biewers”, I often come across this phrase on Internet forums. Biewer Yorkies embody the dream of every dog fancier!

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

These little devoted balls of fur will give you plenty of love, tenderness and faithfulness. They will love you for no reason, for nothing and in spite of anything!

Biewer Yorkies’ fur structure resembles human hair; therefore an allergic person can easily live in the same house with a Biewer. A Biewer Yorkie will make a perfect friend for your children, they also respect and sense the age of elderly people. A Biewer Yorkie will always emphasise his owner’s exclusiveness and status.

Currently Biewer Yorkies are a new breed for Russia, and at the same time it is one of the most prestigious and popular breeds. A well-groomed Biewer-Yorkie will always catch admiring glances; hardly anyone can stay indifferent and pass such beauty!