The Biewer breed history

We owe the birth of these extraordinary dogs to the famous German Yorkshire Terrier breeders Mr. Werner Biewer and his wife Mrs. Gertrude Biewer, who the breed Biewer Yorkshire terrier was named after.

Schneefloeckchen von Friedheck – Snowflake.

In January 1984 in the German city of Hunsruck the first Biewer Yorkshire terrier a la Pom Pon girl puppy was brought to the world, and she was given a beautiful name “Schneefloeckchen von Friedheck” – which means “Snowflake”.

Her parents were Yorkshire terriers and World Youth Winners: Darling von Friedheck and Fru-Fru von Friedheck.

After a 20 years’ selection work with Yorkshire terriers the emergence of Yorkie puppies with white spots in Biewer family was a great surprise, and this little Snowflake got into the spotlight and caused a great deal of conflicting opinions from dog breeders all over the world.

Darling von Friedheck

Fru-Fru von Friedheck

Using genetic peculiarities of their Yorkshire terriers, who turned out to be carriers of a rare recessive gene, three female dogs were born to the family.

Their names were Schneefloeckchen (21.01.1984), and Schneeflocke and Grand Pom-Pon (27.08.1984) von Friedheck. It was these dogs who were actively involved in forming the foundation stock of the future Biewer breed – dogs carrying white piebald gene, with a new unusual color, with white stripes on the head, white legs, chest and belly, and white tip of the tail.

The Biewer breeders’ ambition was to create a beautiful, cheerful terrier with silky easy-to-groom fur, stable mind and excellent health. Now, after more than 15 years have passed, we can be positively sure that they’ve managed it.

Mr. Biewer.For the first time Mr. Biewer introduced two of his Biewer Yorkshire terriers in March 1988 to the ACH show ring in a German city of Wiesbaden, and he called them “black and white Yorkies”.

In 1989 Mr. Biewer wrote and signed the first brief standard for this new breed, after that the breed was accepted by the German Kennel Club АСН (Allgemeiner Club der Hunderfreunde Deutschland e. V.) and it was given the name Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. 

At the present time the breed Biewer Yorkshire terrier a la Pom Pon is still out of FCI classification, because this breed is still very young. But nevertheless Biewers have found their admirers among breeders of Germany, France, Hungary, Holland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA and South Africa. Admirers and owners of Biewer dogs have already appeared in Brazil and Argentine.

Biewer Yorkshire terrier puppies were first brought to Russia in 2007 by highly qualified breeders-enthusiasts, who believed in great future of this extraordinary breed.

For the first time Biewer dogs were introduced to dog shows in Moscow and aroused interest of many Russian breeders. The Biewers received their first mark from one of the most respected judges of RKF-FCI (Russian Kynological Federation) for all dog breeds, secretary of RKF Presidium Committee for Standards, a highly qualified cynologist and livestock specialist Ms. I.L. Shvets.

In February 2009 RKF Presidium accepted the Biewer Yorkshire terrier breed in Russia under the name Biewer, a breed standard was detailed, and a National Breed Club Biewer was created. An All-Russian stud book for the Biewer breed was started, and pure breeding of the breed in Russia began.

Today Biewers are engaging people’s hearts at a swift rate: they are winning affection not only of experienced cynologists and breeders, but also of other toy dog lovers. Today Biewers are not anymore uncommon at dog shows in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, in the South of Russia and in the Far East.

Mrs. and Mr. Biewer with their pets.Mrs. Gertrude Biewer at home.

The first dog show with Biewers’ participation.Mrs. Gertrude Biewer with her pets.